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As we make our way through the Covid pandemic we have made some changes to our business model. Since we will not be performing live for the foreseeable future we believe we have found a way to stay engaged with our fans and followers. Radio theatre is “theatre of the mind”. It relies on dialogue, music and sound effects to help you, the listener, picture the characters and story. Instead of performing in a dining room, banquet room or theatre, our actors have taken to Zoom. Once we record our dialogue our sound engineer, Kenny Drao, works his magic in the editing room by adding sound effects and musical cues.


Our programs consist of a combination of original Murder Café whodunits, suspense dramas from the golden age of live radio, classic works from famous authors and variety shows with comedy and music.  Consider them diversions and options to your home video and cable choices. Stay safe and healthy and enjoy “theatre of the mind”.

Hudson Valley Radio Theatre does not have the advantage of our live shows in that income cannot be generated. Actors and our tech engineer are donating their time to bring you virtual entertainment. If you would like to support the arts on a volunteer basis we've made it very easy for you and there are two options. You can click on the PayPal DONATE link and donate any amount you wish, no donation is too small and every dollar is appreciated. Secondly, you can subscribe or become a sponsor by clicking SUBSCRIBE. You'll be taken to ANCHOR the platform we use to launch our radio programs. ANCHOR has made all of our shows available on seven different platforms including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Breaker, RadioAmerica and Google Podcasts. 
Thank you for listening and thank you for your support. 
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"As avid fans of Murder Cafe I would like to thank all the actors during this difficult time providing entertainment while at home - We enjoy the old time style radio shows especially The Shadow and your shows; the two we listened to are better than even the old time radio shows thank you."

- John and Joan Harrington

"In this time of uncertainty, social distancing, isolation, and shutdowns Murder Café is a beacon of hope, fun and talent.  Before the COVID-19 pandemic I have seen a few of their shows live. They are a great bunch of talented local actors right here in the Hudson Valley and a delight to work with, watch, and now listen to. For while theaters are shut down and restaurant are closed Murder Café’s creativity will not be extinguished during this time. This talented cast & crew led by Frank Marquette and the rest of the Murder Café team has been producing these wonderful Radio Theatre shows that bring you back to when radio entertainment ruled the airwaves through their performance of both old radio dramas and originals. These performances/recordings have been an absolute delight to listen to, tapping into the imagination, and complete with music & sound effects. I look forward to hearing what they will come up with next so to all at Murder Café & Radio Theatre I say BRAVO! Thank you for the fun, your talent, and keeping the arts both new and old alive!"

-Frank Petruccelli, Wappingers Falls, New York

I just listened to 'Sorry, Wrong Number' by Murder Cafe's radio theatre. A gripping story so beautifully portrayed in the spoken word. What a refreshing way to engage in live theatre. Thank you Frank Marquette, for all that you do.
- Jerry Wintrob, Accord, New York

"Congratulations Frank Marquette for making the switch to radio. Keep up the great work and keep us entertained."

-Neil Jacob Caplan, Bannerman Castle Trust, Inc. 

"I love the radio programs! What a great way to bring Murder Cafe into my home and enjoy such a great form of entertainment. Keep them coming and keep us entertained as we get through these times."

- Bryan C. Bopp Pleasant Valley, NY

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